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I had no good reason why white guys were off my romantic radar.

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The Cancer needs close bonds while Gemini needs air to breathe and space to keep moving.

A Gemini man has an insight that enables him to analyze people quickly. He is not one to hold on to the past, his belief is that time is to move on and leave the memories behind.

(Match your horoscopes to know if this is possible).

He can’t be bothered to stay in one place or with one person for very long.

It's another thing to be curious about every human being who crosses your path.

Taurus are loyal, we love hard and we're very into commitment.

Let's just say everything went up in flames real quick.He is very intelligent and smart person with some mood flashes to be taken care of sometimes.He is always a good partner in aspects of being a friend, an opponent to learn from and a protector.But there can be a lasting attraction and love compatibility between this sensual woman and imaginative man.Read on to know more about the Taurus woman Gemini man compatibility.In a relationship of Gemini and Cancer, Gemini always has a lot to learn from Cancer.