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In the brain disease model of addiction, which uses neuropsychological concepts to characterize addictions, sexual addictions are identifiable and well-characterized.

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Last week, the Shag At Uni site published an appeal for lecturers to "come on in" and sign up to the site, which describes its "sole purpose is to help students meet up for sex".

It even published a special "Code of Conduct" for university lecturers to sign up for the site, which included "Optionally use a fake name" and "Highlight that you have the LILF [Lecturer I'd Like to ****] Factor."Lecturers’ union UCU refused to condemn the site, despite one worried mother calling it "every mother's worst nightmare" as it encouraged those in positions of trust to prey on naive teenagers.

Ranging from the apps that Cupid would be proud of to the apps that try and fail miserably there are literally countless numbers of apps out there for you to chose from. Now if you haven’t heard of Grindr then where have you been for the last five years or so?

I’ve gone with a small selection of the ones most people appear to have heard of (or that came recommended to me). Love it or hate it the fact is that most (emphasis on most, but not all) gay men have been on it at some point over the last six or seven years.

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Now because it is location based it’s also very handy for those that want “a quick hook up” and nothing more.I gave it up for two years when I was with my boyfriend and didn’t miss it but now that I’m single again it does become a little habit. Grindr sells itself as “the best gay dating app” and yes as far as technology goes it is the simpler of the apps out there.It simply shows 1 profile picture for you, shows you people around you and lets you input basic information about who you are and what you are looking for.Mr Thurlow defended the competition at the time by saying: "Can people please wake up and smell the coffee! Mrs Smith said: "Lecturers should be punished if they sign up to this site."Doctors aren't allowed to have this relationship with a patient, and this is no different - these are positions of trust."Could you imagine opening up and seeing your daughter on this site?"It's every mother's nightmare."The National Union of Students did not criticise the site, and a spokesman said: "The sexual practice of university students is an entirely personal choice.The organisation says it saw a 46% increase in the number of contacts made by victims of sexual assault during 2012-13, compared with the previous year, with many linked to dates arranged online.