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Have a favorite podcast you want to listen to on Sonos?

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For those of you who depend on your i Pad, Android or i Phone for your daily dose of TED, get ready to hit the update button.

To make your on-the-go TED experience that much more thought inspiring, we’ve made some wonderful updates to our apps.

After getting a new matte black i Phone 7 Plus and setting it up as new, I discovered nearly every pre-installed app on the i Phone was crashing immediately on launch.

The primary apps like Safari, Phone, and Messages worked, but any of the secondary bundled apps like Numbers, Pages, i Tunes U, i Movie, Keynote, Garageband, i Books and similar apps all crashed instantly upon opening. A key component of this is to agree to the new App Store terms and conditions, which seems to prevent the apps from launching and instead causes them to instantly crash.

You can also download podcasts to your computer or mobile device, or use another available streaming service on Sonos to stream your favorites.

Radio by Tune In comes preconfigured on your Sonos system with a large catalog of podcasts to choose from.

It’s not going to win any Academy Awards, but it shows what happens if you’re having the problem.

Sonos can play podcasts that have been downloaded to your computer and saved on the hard drive.

Just make sure to share the folder where the podcasts reside with Sonos.

Unfortunately, we have no control over the installation or update of our app, but we can help you troubleshoot common issues.

Feed your curiosity and expand your world with TED Talks. There's a lot of things in this release you won't necessarily notice.